Indulge is a yearlong program designed to give choreographers of various backgrounds the opportunity to develop new works in a fully creative/ and nurturing environment. In order to participate, choreographers need only to submit a recording of their work, clear choreographic intent, and a current resume.


Re-Generate, identifies unique social obstacles that paralyze the advancement of various populaces. Through the art of dance, this program aims to ameliorate these debilitating issues through educating and enlightening audiences, students, and the public. Artistically, Re-Generate promulgates the distinctive voices of emerging choreographers, whose thematic material transcends the mundane and confronts personal issues of race, sexuality, and deprivation, et al. Through Re-Generate, under-recognized choreographers who lack the exposure, resources, and networks vital to their growth are provided with an avenue to present work within a full-scale production, which they typically would be denied because of their age, inexperience, or limited financial resources.

Furthermore, it aspires to regenerate newer audiences for dance by targeting residents of at-risk and underprivileged communities, with whom Iquail identifies as a result of being a product of one such community. The program provides residents of the most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of Manhattan, such as East and Central Harlem and Washington Heights, with ongoing exposure to the arts. Residents of these areas consist largely of the most indigent African-American and Hispanic populations who, in similarity to Iquail’s childhood, live in families that can’t afford the costs of theater tickets or dance lessons. Consequently, these residents are alienated from the enriching and positive effects that the arts, specifically dance, can bring to one’s life.

Re-generate received Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s “Manhattan Community Arts Fund” grant for support of its activities for 2010 year.


Uplift! is a daylong street festival conceived by DANCE IQUAIL!, to unite and re-energize the residents and businesses in the Mantua community of West Philadelphia (an underserved area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). The festival aims to develop the community’s artistic sensibilities by exposing spectators to live performances of local dance companies, musical groups, choirs, and more, on the Uplift main stage. Moreover, the festival is designed to build upon Philadelphia’s strong traditions of summer block parties, which undoubtedly promote family unity. Artists from the tri-state region, including New York City, are invited to participate, giving them additional exposure outside of their local communities.



This is an informal demonstration on the art of classical and traditional dance. A virtual performance right in the school, it begins with a narrator leading the students through the process of making a dancer. Specific exercises are demonstrated and the reasons for them explained. The dancers begin at the barre (for ballet class) and end with a series of movements that travel through space. Similarities between dancers and professional athletes are discussed. Narration is interspersed with excerpts performed by the dancers from an eclectic repertoire. Numerous opportunities for teachers to develop lessons in many subject areas are identified. Audience interaction is encouraged when appropriate. Each “performance” is geared specifically towards the particular age group present.


Master classes are conducted for students with previous background in dance and may vary in level of training from beginning to advance. These classes may be held in conjunction with a Lecture Demonstration or Video Assembly, or offered as a separate activity. The master class, taught by the Artistic Director and/or Principal dancers of the Company, emphasizes classical and modern dance technique, focus and discipline. Ages 8-adult. Maximum of 50 participants.



We encouraged positive life changes through exposing our audience to live performances. Concerts feature the most innovative and exciting work in Dance IQUAIL! Repertory. In addition to the company’s dancers, our concerts may include invited dance artists, sets, props, videos, and live musicians. Other opportunities include an annual New York City season and/or other select venues within the five boroughs of New York.

Additional DANCE IQUAIL! Activities Include:

  • Nationally and internationally touring
  • Residences at colleges and universities
  • Choreographic commissions